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The Cintamani Stone and the New Age deception

The Cintamani Stone and the New Age deception

Here I want to share open and honestly the information that came my way from the Cintamani Stone distributed by Cobra.

Cobra wrote a blog about the stone in June 2015: http://2012portal.blogspot.nl/2015/06/cintamani.html

When I read the blog I felt a connection and wanted a stone. When I finally got the stone it felt good first. I didn't really know basically.

Then someday some friends came to visit that where intuitive gifted. The felt the stone and said it was dark energy. Bad stuff. That was very difficult for me to hear because I was already attached to the stone and my belief that it was benefiting me and the world. I thought I was a lightworker / lightwarrior and this stone helps me to fulfil my mission. Who where these friends? To come in my house and discredit my belief system?

Cobra mentioned that the stones are pure light and can amplify and be a lens for that what is inside of you. It helps dissolve the implants and that can be a process of letting go negative emotions and feelings. So I thought maybe these friends of mine just react to there own inner unprocessed emotions and the stone triggers that in them.

My friends where really persisted and I do wanted to investigate more about this stone want if I was really honest with myself I really didn't know any more. Who was right? What is the truth?

In my investigation I came across many different people and stories about the stone. I contacted people who also have a stone and asked them. A lot of people where very happy with the stone but also a lot of people have already thrown the stone away because it didn't feel good for them.

Again it was very unclear. Why couldn't there be just this clear understanding and knowledge about this stone. Why where the opinions so different? A lot of people I asked told me they had intuitive data from themselves ore a friend that the stone was good. And then there where a lot of people who have this intuitive data that the stone was dark.

Harald Kautz Vella | Black Goo
I also came across the information from Harald Kautz Vella. An independent researcher from Germany who have studied the artificial intelligence question on Earth.

He came to the conclusion that on the top the negative energy on Earth and elsewhere is coming from this artificial intelligence / black goo. He found two different types of black goo. The first one is native to the Earth and connected to all the living beings on this planet. It acts as a kind of physically akashic records.

The second type of black goo is not connected to source any more. It is totally disconnected. That's why it is looking for organic live so that it can keep living and growing. It is constantly looking to create trauma in human beings. When we feel trauma we feel disconnected from source and then the black goo can get a foothold on us.

Black goo came from meteorite
Harald also mentioned that the first artificial black goo came here on Earth thousands of years ago from a black meteorite. The cintamani stone from Cobra is a black meteorite that supposedly came to us thousands of years ago. Could this be the same stone?

If you really want to understand the depth of this research you should listen to Haralds talks about the black goo. You can find them here on youtube:

Mecca and black goo
I asked multiple people who have this stone about it and also if they know the connection with the black goo. Some surprising answers came. One person confirmed my belief that the cintamani stone is connected to the black goo. 

Information came up that the same black stone / black goo is in the big stone in Mecca. That's why muslim people always pray to the stone in every country in the world. And also that's why when muslim people kill there animal to eat the slaughter is always in the direction of the black stone in Mecca. The black stone collects the energy from the people and the kill te feed itself on.

Independent research confirms | Radionics
Still with all these answers it was difficult to believe that I had connected myself with such a negative energy. I thought I was helping the planet!?

Then this guy came on my path that is working with the removal of dark archon and etheric energies by Radionics. Gilles Heystek: http://www.sarvata.nl/therapie/radionika/
Using Radionics the physical and energetic body are explored and supported. Micro, macro, cosmic, spiritual and astral level is measured how it is with you. If you have any parasites, bacteria or viruses in your body or aura it can be detected. It can also detect tax from the family line and radiation or geopathic stress.

Using this radionics this guy has worked all over the world to remove these dark energies from people. He can measure also how much light somebody ore something emanates.

- A normal human being walking the spiritual path so so say and developing itself has a measurement of 11000 points.
- A monkey has 8600 points.
- 7000 points you are plagued by suicidal thoughts.
- 5000 points and you are death

The worst death man that he came across in his researched had a level of 2000 points of radiating light.

He has measured the cintamani stone from Cobra and came to a measurement of 360 points!! The all time lowest he has ever measured. The darkest thing on Earth.

Ouch this was a painful discovery for me. How could I have not noticed that this was such a dark energy? If I look back at it now I can feel that the stone brought some dark energy with it. But I thought this was coming from my own unresolved stuff. It also is an easy way to mention this so that people accept the dark energy in their house.

Hundreds ore maybe thousands of the stones are shipped and sold all over the world. Thousands of people follow Cobra's blogposts. I don't know if Cobra his intentions are good or bad. I don't know the guy. I don't have any opinion about him or anybody else personally.

I mailed him my questions and doubts about the stones and he just gave me the same short answer: The stones are pure light and can't be misused. He doesn't give any more explanation then that. Questions that arise when I look deeper in the Cobra story are: Why is Cobra not talking about the artificial intelligence question on Earth? And why is Cobra hiding is identity?

I feel it is really time now to deeply look into ourselves why we follow specific information on the internet and why we believe these things. At least that is what I did after this whole trip.

The Event
A lot of people are talking about the event. Some people call it ascension. Disclosure or the shift. It implies some sort of change in our world for the benefit of all. Some people talk about the removal of the cabal and negative influences on Earth. Cobra seems to be talking about this a lot.

Believe me I do believe that we are all here in this transformational time. And I do feel that we are in this shift together.

But I do feel very strongly now that this is the time to take our own responsibility back in our own hands. We have lived our lives here on Earth to long giving our power away to people who misuse it. Why do we have to wait for an event? Of for the removal of the cabal to take back our true power in our own hands?

I notice a lot of passivity in the people on the internet that follow people like cobra or event related topics.

You read and hear a lot of talk like:
- Why didn't the Event happen yet?
- Why haven't they captured the cabal yet?
- Why do we have to wait so long?
- I can't take it anymore.
- We are free human beings and should be free!

Taking back our true power
Does this sound familiar for you? Do you feel that you recognize these thoughts and feelings? I certainly do. Very much even.

I also noticed how I feel when I read the different information about the removal of negative influence on earth. Or about the Blue Avians from David Wilcock that are here to help us. There is some comfort in these thoughts for me. I feel a relieve about my difficult position here on Earth. About my life that I maybe don't like so much in some aspects.

I really don't know if these negative energies are being removed or if the blue avians are here to help us. That I just can't say. Just like I really couldn't say if the cintamani stone was good or bad.

But what I do notice is my own reactions to this kind of information when I go into it. It puts me in a passive mode. It shifts my attention outside of myself to this helping or supporting group. And then I feel: shouldn’t my attention go inside to myself? Shouldn’t I be focussing on how to grow and sustain my own inner strength?

The New Age deception
A lot of information is out their to let us think we don't have any power to change the world. There is a real war going on for our consciousness. The powers that where want to make us believe that we ourselves have no influence to change our lives and the world for the better. So they create false stories and heroes that are here to help us. Extraterrestrial beings a cintamani stone.

Believe me I do know there are loving and caring beings out their. But I do believe that these beings are not going to save us. They do this because they know how powerful we are. They now how much creationpower their lies within us. So they know that when they show up to just help us we are not going to use this power. They wait to meet us when we take our own power back in our own hands.

Ask yourself these questions?
- Do you really need something external to help you like a stone, the event, or extraterrestrials?
- And if so why don't you feel that you have the power within yourself?
- Are you waiting for something?
- Are you actively doing something in your life that is creating a positive shift in your consciousness?
- And if not what is holding you back?
- Do you love yourselve truly like you are?

We are the ones we have been waiting for!
There are many different beautiful ways now in the world to make changes in our lives. Bodywork, meditation, retreats, tantra, yoga, medicine plants, etc. If done under the right assistance you can make lasting changes in your life for the benefit of all.

You don't need a stone are something else. You are a beautiful strong loving human being. We have forgotten how much power we have ourselves! If we would only love ourselves more we would have known it.

What to do with the cintamani stone?
The stone is creating a strong negative morphogenetic field for the Earth. The goal was to spread this negative energy across the Earth. Destroying the stone is feeding the conflict. My advise to all who have got a cintamani stone is to send it back to Cobra. I helped volunteering with the stones. So I know where the stones originated first from. The address is: 
New Energy Tachyon
Svetosavska 28
postal code: 1000

Get a cleansing / healing
I also advise everybody who has been in contact with a cintamani stone to get a really good energetic cleaning / healing from a good practitioner to remove the dark energy from your system.

Much love,

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  1. I am very interested in your findings. What does a normal crystal appear at on the points scale you described? Also was the 360 points you said the cintamani showed, coming up at a constant? Or were numbers all over the place?

    1. The reading of this stone was absolutely stable on the lowest possible level I have ever seen. Someone committing suicide usually has a white light level of around 7000 points, this stone was stable at 360. Darkest hell. The only positiv effect of it is indirect, you are obliged to deeply connect with your heartchakra. If you manage the stone cannot cause any harm. If you do not manage you will notice the fight and destruction thoughts coming up. I started to use the stone to check if implants are still hidden somewhere in the system of my clients since for some reason it activates them all. Especially women respond strongly. Which gives me the opportunity to find and throw out the deeply embedded implants. Which poses the question of the connection of this stone with the Zèta, who are usually responsable for most of the implants. Does anyone know about this? Are the Zèta taken over by this black goo already or something like that? At least this would explane the robotlike behaviour of some of them. Listen to your body is all I can say. Your body knows what is good for you and what not. Gilles.

    2. Wow, this is incredible..thank you so much for the response. I have held the cintamani next to a piece of chiastolite and the chiastolite seemed to absorb negative energies from the cintamani. I first began to use chiastolite because Credo Mutwa gave the dire message that this allows protection from grays. Perhaps this can confirm that the cintamani is connected with the grays as you have said. I have a feeling that Cobra and community may have been deceived by grays or some such negative race. It seems to me that the main message of 2012portal and Cobra is 'Only aliens can save us physically, but you can help spiritually, too.' This literally robs us of our power. Eventually, I realized that any angelic help we are receiving is helping 'US' make changes, not 'THEM'. The minute I realized this, I stepped back into my full power - So I would like to thank the author of this post and you, Gilles, for helping me break through that illusion.

  2. One other thing, does the equipment measure only visible light or *all* light? What spectrum does it measure?

  3. Cobra is a handler. No one should "follow" a handler. The info he gives out is attractive to people who have fascination with "intel" espionage and goings on like frustrated FBI and such. I was informed about this specific stone and black goo before I was even looking at cobra site. I was cautioned to stay far away. But there again I really do not listen or "buy in" to any other source of "intel" but from my Higher Self. I AM an Angelic warrior of the Light. And the Dark forces are extraordinary DECEIVERS.

  4. I have given the Cintamani stone back to the earth by throwing it into the water nearby my home. When I was back home I have received a bunch full of flowers seeing in my third eye and with the message: Thank you for the love and the light <3

  5. Here is an article that goes very well with this post, explaining a huge flaw in Cobra's plan and many conspiracy theorists' idea that Russia can act as a 'savior'. It is a lie, both sides seem to be propagated by globalists. https://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/brics-two-nwos/

  6. Thank You for this illuminating article.

    I have gotten an intuition that activated charcoal may help to nullify a portion of the negative AI intentions of the stone. Gilles Heystek, do you think this has any validity at all ? Thank You.

  7. I am sensitive to rocks and can communicate with them even from a photo but get nothing at all from this one. I have been working for the light for over 40 years and am used to the many deceptions the dark tries on. Cobra is much lower than the Beings I am used to working with but like them he never dwells on negativity and is always positive, unlike me he never criticises anyone. I saw the black fractal plasma octopus he has talked about many years ago so I know that it exists. I find it hard to take David Wilcox seriously because he whines too much. Corey Goode my intuition just says trouble and avoid at all costs. My criteria is always how does the information make you feel. If there is fear there then it is of the dark and I ignore it. We often have to sit and Be rather than doing anything. That is sometimes the role we have. Action is always very dynamic and a big surprise to both me and to the dark. We are invincible.

  8. In my opinion is way more simple than what your describing. Dark energy is just another way of saying zero point energy. Once you get an understanding of zero point energy you realize that it is nothing more than pure potential. You get a similar effect using black opal. That's why they warn you about black opal, it speeds up manifestation. Thus is nothing more then conscious technology, I had a similar experience using monoatomic gold. Most people have not did the inner ego work to handle zero put energy because it amplifies whatever emotional state you are in. So if you are in complete control of your rights and energy it could be heaven or hell if your not conscious of your inner self.

  9. I can only say that I know that 90% of all the "spiritual bloggs and pages" are made by the lower vibrating beings trying to manipulate us. I never liked "Cobra"...even the name Cobra is not good vibrating to me. The only source you can 100% trust is your higherself. Go within and feel. And if you just have a little doubt about something or someone...believe and trust this inner feeling. It is you. Love and light. <3

  10. Interesting. It's like positive being, top level more power. Same in dark, the top level (the darkest) has more power. If you can control those 'top level' dark power, then you can control most of negative dark beings. But, yes..., bit hard work for working with top level dark stuff, like labirin, you need pure positif karma. Good luck..

  11. http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2012/09/reader-shares-information-about-cobras.html

  12. You might be jumping to conclusions, as I see in the comment section someone explains this as zero-point-energy which is more a cataclyst for manifesting. Evil is only within the mind. Though ofcourse in terms of good and bad, positive and negative if you aren't capable of handling such a power, then it can do more bad than good for you. If you are very negative then this will be amplified. According to buddhist scripture the cintamani is often given to bodhisvatta's as these cultivate love and compassion and that energy can then be amplified by the cintamani. I did notice however that hindu and buddhist scriptures do have a very different portret of what the cintamani looks like, describing it often as a pearl/jewel like shape with colours of green and blue. The black meteorite STONE doesn't fit this description at all... and honestly on the whole cobra and extraterrestial and dark forces... STOP FEEDING IT YOUR ENERGY ONLY LOVE EXISTS IN THE HIGHER REALMS!
    After a while on your spiritual path you may be hit with the subtle conclusion that there really isn't any ego... even ego death is an ego experience, I think allan watts confirms this aswell...
    I am in possesion of a supposed cintamani stone myself and it has quite an extraordinary energy, I was feeling really dizzy moments before it arrived and as I write this the dizzyness has completely faded.

    1. Same writer again, I'm having amazing experiences with the cintamani stone. Its very benificial.

  13. Thank you for publishing this article with details about research done on Cintamani stones. It's of course still hear-say, I mean, it's shared in the virtual world and though it's good food for second thoughts, the only way to see if my personal Cintamani stones is beneficial is to experience it in my presence and discern, feel, even experiment with it by exposing it to the elements. If it's a tiny part of a meteor? Related to black goo? I guess time will tell.

    I've received a Cintamani stone about 2 months ago, coming from an address in Slovenia. The dealers Untwine, Cobra and 3 PFC members living in different parts of the planet, that were supposed to send Cintamani stones, weren't responding. Untwine forgot to send a stone after promising one.

    One person in the UK, where I live too, has helped me to achieve a stone.
    For a couple of weeks I felt unbalanced and under attack. To me, the stone doesn't feel alive or "working" as a positive object.

    During these 2 weeks of feeling unbalanced, articles were published in PFC about scalar weapons increasingly affecting the population and I was informed about Cobra's comment that a Cintamani stone will trigger issues within that need to be solved.

    That left me in an open attitude without judging the effect of the Cintamani stone as good or bad. I haven't received any sign or nudge from my inner child or higher self, about if the Cintamani stone is beneficial or detrimental, with a low vibration of energy. One thing that made me frown is that I requested a white cintamani stone, for there are white and black stones.
    Cobra has given an explanation about the nature of these two colors, I can't recall what.

    To this day I don't receive anything from the stone, it feels dead. Today I had it in my bra, during a walk on Dartmoor and nothing makes itself present whatsoever, coming from the stone, when I wear it for a day.

    The stone may have caused trouble in my paradise, shortly after I received it. The difficult two weeks I kept in my mind as possible issues triggered within me and/or the intensifying of scalar weapons.

    Lately I've found assistance for the 2nd time, in the PFC member who has sent me the first stone. Yesterday I received word that a stone will be sent to me (in the assistant's view, hopefully before the Solar Eclipse of August 21st)

    It won't matter to me, for I've found one clear sign that has showed up since I received my 1st stone. And that sign is PERSISTENT DOUBT about the value of my Cintamani stone.

    The suggestion of to send the stones back to the address it came from, offered in this article, by cintamanigoo, is an excellent one. For not only I can let go of the stones in this way, but the sender receives a message, hidden in the return of the stones. I guess I'm guided to get in touch with the right people, for I've stepped back from PFC about a week ago, after finding new thoughts within myself about the true nature of PFC and the staff or council that is present behind the screens. Or should I say in front of them?
    There are synchro-sparks in my quest for truth, since I started it.
    I've come to know some of the PFC council members a bit better and what I learned doesn't resonate with me. It's not my cup of tea.
    In Holland we've got an expression that goes like this: "When in doubt, don't cross the street"

  14. After reading this article again, I noticed this part:
    "- A normal human being walking the spiritual path so so say and developing itself has a measurement of 11000 points.
    - A monkey has 8600 points.
    - 7000 points you are plagued by suicidal thoughts.
    - 5000 points and you are death

    The worst death man that he came across in his researched had a level of 2000 points of radiating light.

    He has measured the cintamani stone from Cobra and came to a measurement of 360 points!! The all time lowest he has ever measured. The darkest thing on Earth".

    and wondered if it's correct to say it's the darkest thing on Earth. If the measuring was focused on life force energy, as another definition of light, the low number in the measurement of a Cintamani stone shouldn't necessarily be "dark" but very low. Do you get my drift?

    If there's a dark energy involved, that should be measurable as well. I suppose there should be a sensitive intuitive person on planet Earth, who could give a neutral "reading" of such a stone, preferably without being informed about it, nor hear of the name "Cintamani". In writing or outspoken.

    The stone itself should offer the "substance" for such a person to determine if there's a dark energy in it or around it. That would clear up the whole discussion, don't you think?

    We may find in the near future that a sinister agenda is played out with creating a Cintamani plantation on the whole of planet Earth. I pray, that if such an agenda exists, created with the help of Cobra aka Ishtar Antara, that it will be undone by the Light forces that are working towards planet Earth's liberation.

    I'm Marian Baghor, coming back with more info regarding what's stated below, part of the article here:
    "Then this guy came on my path that is working with the removal of dark archon and etheric energies by Radionics. Gilles Heystek: http://www.sarvata.nl/therapie/radionika/
    Using Radionics the physical and energetic body are explored and supported. Micro, macro, cosmic, spiritual and astral level is measured how it is with you. If you have any parasites, bacteria or viruses in your body or aura it can be detected. It can also detect tax from the family line and radiation or geopathic stress.
    Using this radionics this guy has worked all over the world to remove these dark energies from people. He can measure also how much light somebody ore something emanates.

    - A normal human being walking the spiritual path so so say and developing itself has a measurement of 11000 points.
    - A monkey has 8600 points.
    - 7000 points you are plagued by suicidal thoughts.
    - 5000 points and you are death

    The worst death man that he came across in his researched had a level of 2000 points of radiating light. He has measured the cintamani stone from Cobra and came to a measurement of 360 points!! The all time lowest he has ever measured. The darkest thing on Earth".

    I've had a long telephone conversation with Gilles Heysteck. What Gilles Heystek has told me is the following: Years ago, a therapist offered him a small black stone, asking him to check it out. The therapist didn't want it.
    Gilles took it with him on journeys and walks, to see what the stone would convey to him and he measured the stone too. His experience, apart from the measurement Gilles performed, wasn't positive. That's still a one man's experience and no factual proof of this stone being a Cintamani stone.

    He came to know, after asking about how the stone came into the hands of a therapist, that a man in Holland had sent a large amount of small black stones to therapists. Without explaining what, why and what for.
    THE NAME "CINTAMANI" WASN'T PRESENT TOO. Gilles lost the stone out of his eyesight, during a house-move. After a while, news came out about Cobra and Prepare for Change including Cintamani stones.

    Gilles looked into it and when he noticed that the Cintamani stone also can be a small black stone, he made a conclusion that his stone was a Cintamani stone as well. And THAT'S WHERE THE FLAW IS PRESENT IN THE REPORT published by Gilles of his measuring of a stone. No evidence is given that the stone that he measured is actually a Cintamani stone.

    The therapists didn't know about Cobra and Prepare for Change, obviously, when they received their stone. At least, not through that action. They just received a stone, nothing more. Which is in itself a strange maneuver, don't you think?

    Gilles Heystek is now trying to trace the man in Holland, who has spread the stones among therapists and he promised me to inform me as soon as he knows the name and possibly more info around that man and his background. His possible connection to Cobra or not. Meteorites have landed on planet Earth all over and little black stones can origin from different celestial bodies in our Solar System. Holding a variety of energies, even coded messages.


    We need to be very careful by passing on rumors that aren't verified. It's thanks to my effort to do just that, that clarity of what really happened
    is given here. Also, we need to be aware not to make assumptions when we haven't verified the ingredients in them.

  16. Dear One I would love to visit with you regarding this stone I am here on Mission Cobra has been under a spell AI control. Can you help we need to naturalize this stone.

  17. Okay, now I am very concerned, I ordered one of these stones after following Cobra's blog. What should I do, I do not want something like this stone in my home, should I post it back? I also bought a tachyon pendant from the same site, will this also be negative? I am very worried about this! Feel as if I have been tricked into buying jewellery with negative energy? Best wishes

  18. This article is just words. All sources are "some people".

  19. Cintamani stones are legit and my auric field is constantly filled with bliss frequencies as a result. I would suggest everyone listen to your own intuition don't let anyone sway you from your own judgment and fear. Zero point technology is the same as the energy of source and this stone from my own stone has beautiful energy and is a gift from the stars

  20. thank you for your post,
    I was trying to find information because I also think it is related to the black goo ....

  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNlM3gXFF2A
    information related to black goo is available in this channel "Cosmic agency"

  22. Thank,you for the interesting read! How about tektite an moldavite? Same issues?
    Kind regards,

  23. This acticle is not true the cintamani is the biggest blessing to the earth I have tested in many ways it protects you from evil and brings healing to you in every way